I know the first thing you are thinking. How is it possible to watch live television online for free?
It is very simple. TV Channels from all over the world provide streams of their free television shows to watch online. Our toolbar has taken all these thousands of live TV steams and added them in one place.
To watch American TV you just select America in the toolbar and you will then see a huge list of available TV channels. The same goes for Asian, Middle Eastern or anywhere in the world for that matter.
You can see a preview of the channels available here.

Why pay your cable bill every month when you can get so many more channels absolutely free. Our software with more than 4,000 channels is 100% free.
There are a lot of software out there that costs big money for the exact same service. Our product is new, and we have decided to let all the first downloaders get it free. This way we hope you tell your friends about how great it works.

I’m sure there are football games, movies, TV shows and much more you want to see, but paying for all the channels you need to have everything available is more than expensive. We have what you need. Weather it be sports, music, news, nature shows or anything else for that matter. The selection of channels is unparallelled to what you know from your cable TV selection.

World Wide
We have channels from all over the world. They can be accessed from anywhere in the world as well. So if you want to watch Russian television from the US, or you want to watch US television from Russia, it is all possible.
A lot of the channels you can not find anywhere else. These channels are simply only available online if you don’t happen to be in the right location.